SOLO (Adopted FAll 2012)

solo4Hi, we adopted Solo, short for Solomon, back in the Fall of 2012 when he was approximately only 7 months old. Solo has grown so much since then. He is 61 lbs. now!
Solo grew to be a fun, loving member of our family. He has such a great, funny personality. One of the funniest, yet adorable, things about Solo is that he thinks he is a small puppy. He loves to be pampered and he wishes to be one’s lap all the time. He doesn’t realize how big and heavy he is. He’s just a big baby and we love him for that.
He has also proven to be very smart. He quickly picked up on tricks. However, his intelligence can only be measured by the way he solves other puzzles, like being a master of escaping the fenced backyard if you’re not looking or opening doors.
We fell in love with Solo the moment we first saw him and our love for him has only grown!