SOPHIE (formerly Chelsea – adopted January 2014)

Sophie (black & white, formerly Chelsea) came home with us in January 2014, and we’re so unbelievably happy to have her!
We had decided that after a couple years as our only dog, Mowgli (brown,  formerly Walter), who is another APS alum, needed a companion.  Although returning to the shelter to pick a new roomie made him a little nervous with all the noises and smells, he and Sophie clicked instantly -it was clearly a perfect match!
It’s been a couple months, and her fur is thicker and softer and her legs are visibly more muscular because of all the walking -and of course wrestling her 95 lb. big brother! Most importantly, she’s getting more comfortable in her new home, no longer sleeping in corners or shying away.  She’s so sassy and fun, and probably the most affectionate dog I’ve ever met!
Thanks, Durham APS! Our family wouldn’t be the same without you!

-Julia & Michael