A Special Gift to APS

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Animal Protection Society of Durham relies on the generosity of our donors, adopters and people who love animals. Without support from these generous people, we could not do this important work for the animals and the people who love them. We would like to honor one such generous person who left APS of Durham in his will. We only recently were notified that Larry Wolfe sincerely felt that the mission of APS was important and the care and safety of other animals should be assisted, so much so that he named the organization as a recipient of a portion of his estate.

We’ve been told that Larry was a private and quiet person, with a quick wit, and one of the nicest men you could ever meet. He loved his family, friends, movies and animals. Larry had a number of dogs and cats that he adopted and gave them a loving forever home, many of which came from APS of Durham.  Although Larry relocated after retirement from Durham to the coast, he never forgot about APS of Durham and the animals in our care.

The Executor of his estate recently shared this final thought with us, “As you continue your work and utilize these funds, I hope you remember that there are people who appreciate the work you do. They appreciate the time and attention you give to these animals and help them find their forever homes. I also hope that these animals are as fortunate to find a loving home as Blackey, Haley, Pippen and the rest. May God Bless You.”  We are grateful for the planned gift that Mr. Wolfe bestowed upon us.

If you would like more information on how to include Animal Protection Society of Durham in your will, please contact Darlene Fiscus, Development Director, at 919-560-0640 extension 231 or by emailing Development@apsofdurham.org.  We would love to assist you in leaving a legacy to help future animals get the support and care they need to find loving forever homes.  Where there is as will, there is a way for your support of thousands of animals for years to come through community programs, adoption services, and life-saving medical care.  Please use your will to support APS of Durham.