SPRIGHTLY (formerly Carmen)

sprightlyCarmen, now Sprightly, adopted Sept. 2011

I just wanted to let you know how quickly Sprightly (formerly known as Carmen) has integrated into our family.  She has bonded with our whole family including visiting my mother and brother, and quickly warmed up to my husband Mark, who she was a bit shy with when he visited her at the shelter. 

She loves to wrestle with our son, Thomas.  Our older cat has accepted Sprightly as a daily nuisance (ha!) and Owen will actually seek her out to rub against.

Sprightly is still shy with some people but makes a great effort to give people a chance to speak to her.  She’s been to numerous lacrosse practices and games, explored the woods, made friends with other dogs (including my brother’s 130lb American Bulldog), and waited patiently in the car when I ran into the bank and post office.  I did a trial run first so I could see her but she couldn’t see me.  She just sat quietly in the front seat watching the door she saw me go into.

Her favorite spot is under my desk chair when I am in it and she likes to sleep behind the door on the tile floor of our bathroom.

Sprightly has already richly rewarded us with her love, silly puppy antics, and quick grasp of family schedules.  Thank you for your care and concern for her while she was at the shelter.  I am delighted to add another success story to your adoption program.