STEWIE (formerly Sullivan) and LILY (formerly Chelsea)

stewie-lilyWe adopted Stewie  (yes, named for the Family Guy) February 2010 and Lily in May 2012.
I always meant to write a “Happy Ending” on Stewie since he’s such a wonderful dog (and we think incredibly smart) but never managed to get around to it. With Lily now, who’s an equal delight and a great buddy to Stewie and to our senior dog, I have no excuse and really do want to let you know how well both are doing.
They adjusted easily into our home, quickly adapting to our routine and to each other (such great playmates, and respectful to our senior dog as well).  They’re also big lap dogs, affectionate, and love hanging out with us on the sofa, though it does get a bit crowded….
Stewie and Lily are great on walks since they’re both friendly, enjoy being petted, especially Lily, and will play with any dog, large or small that greets them (our walks can be long…).  
Though having 3 dogs may not be for everyone, it’s enriched our lives, kept us active, and given us a good sense of humor. 
My thanks to the wonderful APS staff and volunteers for all their hard work and for taking such great care of all the animals. Stewie and Lily say thanks too!
P.S. I always let neighbors know our dogs were adopted from the Durham APS shelter in hopes that they too will find how wonderful shelter dogs (and cats) are!!