TIE & TADDY (Formerly Leroy & Gracie)

tieandtaddyTie aka Tie Fighter (formerly Leroy), adopted in June 2010.  He’s a big guy, at 6 months old, he’s about 15 lbs!  Very loving and playful but was chewing us nonstop, so we finally found the perfect companion for the family, a sweet little girl named Taddy.  
Taddy (formerly Gracie), adopted in September 2010.  She took a few days of babying, but now she is completely comfortable with big ole Tucker and the chunkster that is Tie.   She is just a tiny thing, about 6 lbs, but she loves you like she’s 80!  And she holds her own with Tie.  It’s so cute to see them playing all over our house.  One will chase the other, then it reverses, then the dog joins in.  Amazingly, the house is surviving.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.