TOBI (formally Leo, adopted in April 2007)

tobi1Hello!  My name is Tobi.  I am a 3 year old Pit/Boxer mix.  I don’t really know what my life was like before I came to the Durham County Animal Shelter, but I don’t think it was great.  My paperwork says that I had some skin/coat and health problems when I arrived that had to be treated.  Luckily I was given some good medicine and plenty of food and water.  One afternoon in April 2007 a man named Kevin came to visit me.  He took me home and I was so scared that I peed all over his car.  But, he didn’t get mad. 
Shortly after Kevin rescued me we moved into a new house with a huge fenced in backyard.  Samantha, Kevin’s girlfriend moved in with us too.  Shortly after Kevin took me home I went to doggy school and tried to learn how to not chew apart pillows, sit and greet people and walk nicely on a leash (although I am still working on walking nicely). 
I love playing hide and seek in the house, going for daily walks, riding in the car, chewing on my bones and taking naps in the sun.  Ice cubes, carrots, biscuits and the occasional peanut butter kong are my favorite snacks.  I am well traveled and have been on a lot of trips: New Jersey, Jordan Lake, Wrightsville Beach, Hilton Head and Jacksonville FL are a few.  I love swimming and can stay in the water for hours (but, I hate getting baths in the bathtub!)  My best friend’s name is Charlie, he’s a 2 year old miniature schnauzer.  You can often find me curled up on the couch or spread out on my big bed, but normally I just follow my mom and dad around the house.    
I am very thankful for the officers who brought me to the shelter so that I could eventually go home with Kevin.  I know how important I am to my mom and dad.  My mom says that I am a pretty boy and my dad wrestles with me.  I see a lot of dogs who aren’t as lucky as I am, and I am very thankful for what I have.  Thank you for getting me healthy and helping Kevin find me.