Volunteer of the Month: John Karatz

JohnKaratz-187x300John is an amazing part of our Dog Volunteer Team. It is wonderful knowing that we can count on him every Monday and Wednesday to make sure everyone has gotten the time and attention they need. Being a natural leader, John is a great benefit to those with whom he trains and works.

When and why did you begin volunteering at the APS?

I began volunteering in the summer of 2012 and have loved every minute of it.

What do you like most about your job here?

I like helping to train new volunteers, knowing we are adding to the ranks of dedicated animal lovers who will assist with caring for the dogs.  But my favorite job is walking the dogs and seeing how happy and seemingly appreciative they are to get out and walk or run around.  Nothing beats having a 75 lb pit bull try to curl up in you lap, both paws on your shoulders and kissing you like crazy.

What animals do you have at home?

Even though I’m kind of a dog person, I have two cats that I adopted from the Durham APS.  I also have several ferals I feed in my garage on a daily basis.  They all went through the SNAP program upon arrival!

Are there any stories about a particular animal here or anything else you’d like to share?

I really enjoy all the dogs at the Shelter but my present favorite would have to be Ginny. She’s the cutest little Bulldog you’ve ever seen, and oh so affectionate. I laugh every time I see her funny face and little body waddling through the woods.

Tell me a little about what you like to do when not here.

I took early retirement but do work part time doing inventory control with a local building supply company.  There I take care of a colony of cats 7 days a week.  This group has also been spayed/neutered!  I have two grown kids in the area.  My daughter Rachel has been my partner over the years in trapping, having fixed and releasing over 40 feral cats from the area.  I think I inherited my love of all animals from her.  In my spare time I enjoy hiking, snow skiing and traveling.