Volunteer of the Month: Kelly Jerome

KellyJeromeKelly is a rock star volunteer! She always shows up with a cheerful attitude, a big smile and a willingness to do anything she can to help! Since she first began, she’s always been someone I could count on. When we needed someone to help with the new Beer Durham off-site dog adoption events, she immediately came to mind. I knew that I could depend on her help to present APS of Durham and our adoptable dogs in the best possible light and that she would make this event fun – which will attract supporters, adopters, volunteers, fosters and more!

Q. When and why did you begin volunteering at the APS?

I began volunteering at APS in January of 2014. Having been involved in animal rescue and the Humane Society where I grew up in Indiana, I immediately wanted to resume helping animals in the community after relocating to Durham. All of my friends directed me to the volunteer program at APS!

Q. You do so much for APS. Tell me about your job here. What do you like most?

I walk dogs each week, help with Adoption Events at Oliver’s Collar and now at Beer Durham, collect donations from community donation boxes, and have done day fosters for shelter dogs. I truly enjoy working with and helping socialize the more challenging, energetic shelter dogs and seeing them learn to focus and demonstrate positive behaviors!  When I get to witness their progress and ultimately their adoptions as a result of all the volunteers’ efforts, it is the most rewarding!

Q. What animals do you have at home?

We joke that we are running a convalescent home for our 3 senior rescue pugs, plus a 6 year old youngster to keep the pack active. We also recently adopted Max, a 13 year old Peke from APS, and have 4 backyard hens.

Q. Are there any stories about a particular animal here or anything else you’d like to share?

We fostered Clara, a lovely pit mix whom we really hoped might fit in with our pack. Though her incredible, joyous energy was a bit much for our sleepy seniors, we were able to begin her heartworm treatments and work with her on basic behavior skills with the help of the amazing Jane Marshall. Clara found her forever home within a week of returning to her kennel at the shelter! The entire staff was so supportive and helpful, truly easing the pain of separating with her, helping us feel like we’d made a difference in helping Clara to be adopted.

Q. Tell me a little about what you like to do when not here, including work or previous work, family and any hobbies you have.

I am a petsitter in the North Durham area with Bull City Petsitting. When not busy caring for and loving up all my critter clients, my husband Rick and I enjoy exploring, hiking, and running the trails of the Eno River. We also love entertaining out of town friends and family when they get to visit our home here in Durham, where we are quickly growing our roots. I am also a backyard beekeeper!