Volunteer of the Month: Stacie White

StacieWhite-Copy-21-290x300Stacie is an amazing volunteer who is willing to step up where ever she’s needed.

She works with dogs and puppies, volunteers at events and even takes her lunch hour at work to help with administrative needs.

We are so happy that she joined us almost a year ago and we hope she’ll be with APS for many more years!

Q:      When and why did you begin volunteering at the APS?

A. I did my orientation and training in Oct 2013 and started walking dogs soon after.  I then got my first taste of puppy socialization in November.  I previously worked with an area rescue group for 5 years and fostered several dogs in my home.  I then moved and didn’t have the space needed for more dogs coming through (and I ran out of friends who needed a dog!), so I took a little break from volunteering with animals.  I had participated in the APS Walk for the Animals for several years and decided finally to get involved at the APS shelter, appreciating what the shelter does.  I also missed being involved with animals.

Q:      Tell us about your job here. What do you like most?

A. I enjoy walking the dogs, they seem so grateful to get out and stretch their legs.  They also have such different personalities and it is fun to see them blossom and get adopted.  I especially enjoy my time with the puppies.  They are all so cute and energetic.  With puppies, it’s all about the fun.  If you can make the training fun, they soak it up and enjoy the one on one time.   Some just want to snuggle and some want to romp and play, I love the variety.  I truly enjoy working with the shy dogs and puppies.  It’s wonderful to see the trust build over time.

Q:      What animals do you have at home?

A. I have 3 rescued dogs, 2 rescued cats and a resident guinea pig.

Q:      Are there any stories you’d like to share?

A. There are so many dogs here looking for their forever homes.  I love being involved in that process.  Each week when I come to walk dogs, I usually have a new favorite by the time I leave.  My family teases me because I’ll come home all excited by a new dog and by the next time it either has an adoption pending or has been adopted.  They joke and say “you sure can pick them”!  I enjoy seeing the turnover, seeing the dogs/puppies go to homes where they will receive love, attention, and hopefully, some spoiling!

Q:      Tell us a little about what you like to do when not here.

A. I enjoy the outdoors, especially hiking and camping.  I retain my enjoyment in sports and still play basketball in a REC league.  I love to travel, this past December I went to India for several weeks….what an adventure!  I got to ride on an elephant while tracking tigers in the foothills of the Himalayas and another day was riding a camel in the desert to camp overnight.   I like to just relax and read a good book, either at home or at the beach!