Welcome, 2021 Walk for the Animals walkers!
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We’re happy to provide you with many resources to use as you fundraise this year. From adding a fun Walk Facebook frame to your profile picture to wording for emails, we’re here to help!

We know that in these uncertain and difficult times, making donations can feel difficult enough, let alone asking for donations from others. That can make fundraising on behalf of organizations we are passionate about particularly challenging. However, the important work at APS continues, even in times of crisis. Your support in raising funds for the care of the animals is needed now more than ever. With this in mind, this year we recommend a little extra dose of sensitivity in your fundraising efforts. Think about your audience (your friends, family, followers), what challenges they might currently be facing, and how your messaging might make them feel. If you are struggling to come up with the right words or images to use in your fundraising efforts, please look to APS communications for help. You are more than welcome to share any and all Walk related graphics, social media posts, email copy, or website copy. In addition, in this guide you will find a new, sensitive example email from a fundraiser this year.

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Here’s how to update your Facebook profile photo frame:

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What do I say to my donors?


Include statements so that the person you ask for a donation will learn about the difference they will make in an animal’s life. Empower them with that information so they will be more interested in donating. Donors want to know that their contribution is going to a good cause.


WE can make a difference. YOUR contribution will make a difference.

Below are some examples of what various donation amounts mean for the shelter and animals. This has proven to be extremely effective in inspiring folks to get involved and may increase what people are willing to give. Feel free to copy and paste!

If you donate $525, YOU will cover the cost of heartworm testing for 30 dogs!


Together, if we raise $525, WE will cover the cost of heartworm testing for 30 dogs!

If you donate $278, YOU will cover the average cost of care and feeding for one animal’s length of stay!


Together, if we raise $278, WE will cover the average cost of care and feeding for one animal’s length of stay!

If you donate $200, YOU will provide tick and flea prevention for 20 dogs for one month!


Together, if we raise $200, WE will provide tick and flea prevention for 20 dogs for one month!

If you donate $150, YOU will cover the average cost of medical care for one animal.


Together, if we raise $15, WE will cover the average cost of medical care for one animal.

If you donate $100, YOU will cover the cost of feeding 250 animals for one day!


Together, if we raise $100, WE will cover the cost of feeding 250 animals for one day!

If you donate $55, YOU will cover the cost of spaying/neutering one animal!


Together, if we raise $55, WE will cover the cost of spaying/neutering one animal!

If you donate $25, YOU will cover the cost of microchipping one animal!


Together, if we raise $25, WE will cover the cost of microchipping one animal!

Right in the middle post samples

APS works hard to benefit the Durham community. Sharing some examples of where we go above and beyond will encourage and inspire people to donate. We’ve included a few real examples from fundraisers this year that are sensitive to the current crisis. Copy and paste to use some of the examples below or share your own story.

Did you know that APS of Durham has set up a pet food pantry for residents of Durham who need help right now to keep their pets at home? Animal welfare and human welfare are intertwined. Please use this link to donate: (link to your fundraising page).
It’s a sensitive time and many are struggling. If you happen to be amongst those in a position to give, please support Animal Protection Society of Durham. Our Walk for the Animals is continuing, albeit online and from a social distance.

Did you know that APS has a community spay/neuter program?
APS ensures that every animal they adopt out of the shelter receives a health and behavior assessment, vaccinations, a microchip, and is spayed or neutered before going to their new home. Their full-time veterinary staff perform more than 1,600 surgeries per year, helping reduce the number of unwanted or abandoned animals in the community. They also contract with local veterinary partners to provide a low or no cost option for community members to have their animals spayed or neutered.

Have you heard about APS’s microchipping program?
Durham County Animal Services deputies use microchip scanners to identify lost animals and reunite them directly with their owners. That’s why APS has instituted a program to microchip all dogs and cats who are redeemed by their owners from our shelter. Additionally, they’ve donated microchips to owned animals in the community, ensuring fewer stray animals experience stressful separations from their families.

Did you know APS is there to help, even after you adopt?
Their on-site behavior manager works closely with our adoptable animals to prepare them for adoption and fostering, from socialization to car rides to learning manners around people and other animals. And their work with animal behavior doesn’t end in the shelter. Their staff provides classes and even a “hotline” for community members to call in with questions about behavior, feeding, and medical needs.

Have you heard about their stellar kitten foster program?
This program was created to provide critical 24-hour, life-saving care for nursing and orphaned kittens. They recruit and train a robust network of volunteers to care for kittens and nursing mothers in their homes. They furnish all of the supplies and medical services to nurture this fragile population. Caring staff are available around the clock to provide, support, and comfort to new and experienced foster volunteers alike.

Long and Strong Post Examples

Feel free to copy and paste!

A sensitive email in the time of COVID-19

It is that time of year when Animal Protection Society of Durham is seeking donations for their annual Walk for the Animals fundraiser. This year it is particularly difficult to compose this email as there are many needs in our community and across the country.

During these challenging times, the APS of Durham has:

*implemented an online signature program and conducted online adoption interviews as well as in person once we reopened

*placed many animals in foster homes so that they can wait for adoption outside of the kennel environment and have medical treatment in a loving temporary home.

*worked closely with a number of rescue organizations to place animals in their care.

*set up a pet food pantry for Durham citizens who need help keeping their pets at home.

*continued to support Durham citizens who have to surrender their pets, assuring them that we will do everything possible to find their beloved pets the right home.

The APS of Durham has taught me that animal welfare and human welfare are intertwined. Help pet owners. Help pets. This year for our major fundraiser, Walk for the Animals, we are staying home but we are still raising money for the animals. Walkers will be in their own safe corners of Durham on Saturday, May 29, between 10 am and 1 pm, united in their support of our local shelter.

Please go to https://secure.qgiv.com/event/wfta21/ to make a donation. The Walk has always been about small donations joined together to do good. No donation is too small.

An email with some personal stories
about our animals:

At Animal Protection Society of Durham, they value every animal that comes through their door. Each day that they can improve an animals’ chance for a healthy future is a good day. This is what makes Animal Protection Society of Durham standout:  They go that extra mile to restore the health – both physical and emotional – of the animals that enter their program.

Above and beyond our robust standard of care, sometimes specialized surgery is necessary – surgery that is vital for a good quality of life. We would not be able to provide this level of care without your generous financial support. Will you please donate today to ensure animals are able to receive the care they need, improving their chance of finding a new home?

I would like to share a story with you, about two special animals that recently received extraordinary surgeries at APS of Durham. This shows that our value for the lives of all animals improves their chance of finding a forever home.

Bobby, a sweet, playful young cat, came to us with a degloved tail – a crushing injury that was extremely painful! He lost all the skin on his tail, leaving it susceptible to infection and unable to heal. Our only option was to amputate his tail. Bobby peacefully recovered at the shelter until he found a loving home.

Soon afterward, Sandy – an extremely sweet, active lab mix puppy, was surrendered to the shelter with medical issues. She had never been to the vet before, so all of this was completely new to her. Dr. Bishop and her team rolled up their sleeves and gently addressed Sandy’s needs. She suffered with entropion, which causes the eyelids to fold inward. The eyelashes continuously rubbed against the eyes causing constant irritation.

Luckily for Sandy, Dr. Bishop was able to perform the necessary surgery to correct her condition. Otherwise, she would have continued to experience chronic pain, and the condition could have led to ulcers, infections, and other complications.  Because APS of Durham is committed to improving the quality of life for our animals, Sandy received life altering surgery to correct the inversion of her eyelids. After recovering, Sandy was adopted and went home with her new family.

At APS of Durham, our standard practice is to fully vaccinate every animal upon arrival at the shelter. Additionally, each animal that remains in our program receives a full medical exam, spay/neuter surgery, microchip implant, treatment, and prevention for external and internal parasites, including heartworm disease. But sometimes, more specialized help is necessary to ensure that the animals in our care enjoy the comfort of health as they find their new forever home.  Thank you for caring about the animals. Your financial contribution – the gift of health – makes a world of difference for animals just like Bobby and Sandy.