ZURI (formerly Blanca, adopted April 2013)

zuri3Dear Animal Protection Society of Durham County,
Thank you so much for the hard work that each and every one of you does to save as many beautiful animals as possible!  I wanted to especially thank you for saving the life of Zuri (formally Blanca).  In the last 72 hours, since bringing her home with me, she has won over not only my heart, and the heart of her new brother, Banjo, but the hearts of friends, family, coworkers, strangers, many new doggie friends and, in one instance, a butterfly that landed on her nose!
Zuri is an absolute delight, and I feel so lucky to have had her join our family.  Banjo, her older brother and a black lab-mix rescue who is 10.5 years old, is already showing her the way around and is very happy to share his numerous toys.  They are bonding by tearing all of the evil stuffed animals apart but, hey, that’s what vacuums are for!
Every time we leave the house, and no matter where we have ventured so far, people and dogs of all ages are eager to meet Zuri, who’s heart of gold is apparent to all.
Banjo and I just wanted to take a moment out of playing with the puppy to say thank you for helping Zuri to join our family!  I have included some pictures of Zuri in her new home.
Thanks again and best regards,