PA056862.JPGHi there,
I have been meaning to send an email for a while now.  I adopted the precious little freckle nosed pup you have on your website under the “About Us” page.  I’ve been seeing his cute pic on the website and newsletter and my husband and I get so tickled.  We adopted him in July 2008 along with a female dog.  Their names at the time were Tyrone and Iona.  We have named them Achilles and Angel.  
They bring us so much love everyday, and we adore them so much.  They are our ‘furkids’ 🙂  We also have a male and female cat, and they all get along fine together.
Achilles is such a doll.  He loves people and is an attention hog.  Angel is a sweetheart.  She is more mellow, but more of a protector.  They are so cute together and get along like peas and carrots.  
We live in a Townhome, but are moving so they can have a yard.  They will have almost an acre yard once we move in 2 weeks.
Just wanted to share how happy we are with our two adopted furkids.
Joy and James