Teaching Dogs Calm Behavior

Dogs who are excessively jumping, mouthing or tugging are trying to say,

“Hey, You! I don’t know what to do with myself and I can’t stand it! Help!

Professional Dog Trainer and APS Volunteer, Jane Marshall, has created a video series that will help us work with these dogs. A big part of the success of these routines is that the dog has a plan. Dogs like to know what to do and how to handle situations; they get charged up because they don’t have the skills to handle certain situations, which makes them anxious and out come the teeth and anxious jumping behavior.

If you give them routines that make sense, they really like that. Any young dog that is fairly confident would benefit from these routines before they get too jumpy. Shy dogs need the routines modified.

Click each image to see the four-part video series.


Thank you to Dog Trainer and APS Volunteer, Jane Marshall, for providing these wonderful lessons.