amos-car_We adopted Amos in early October of 2010 and decided to keep the name given to him at the shelter, because it suits his goofy personality perfectly!  He adjusted beautifully from the day we brought him home, and soon claimed one of our armchairs as his own.  His weaknesses are peanut butter, rawhide bones, and car rides to the dog park.  Amos lives to make us laugh, whether he is zooming up and down the stairs, pouncing on squeaky toys, or drooling all over the floor while sitting patiently for a treat.  He has recently discovered belly rubs, and will randomly collapse onto the floor, belly up, in demand of one.  So far he knows ‘sit,’ ‘lay’, ‘stay’, and ‘roll over,’ and we are looking forward to teaching him many more tricks.

Amos is truly the best dog we could ever have asked for, and shows his love and thanks for our rescuing him daily.  Thank you so much for helping us complete our family!