archieArchie arrived to our little home in the woods on Dec. 28.  It’s been only 5 days and he’s one energetic and happy puppy.  Since he’s been home, Archie has had lots of romps in the woods, a trip to the Vet, and today he enjoyed the company of local kids and dogs at Weaver Street Market in Hillsborough.  This was really good for him because we are an older couple with no other pets or children living at home.  How smart he is!  He’s learned to sit, stay, take it (a toy), and give it up on command–with the help of puppy treats and lots of praise.  He is almost housebroken, just an occasional puppy puddle which I’m sure he will outgrow when he’s a bit older.  He love him dearly and wonder what life would have been like without him.

With appreciation from Jack, Di, and Archie!