ARGO (formerly Arlo, adopted spring 2013)

argoMy husband and I had decided that we wanted to adopt a Doberman or Doberman mix after buying our first house with a fenced yard. We also have two cats, nieces and nephews, other family members’ dogs, and wanted a young, medium-sized, friendly dog that could adapt to quite a few situations. It seemed like a tall order but Petfinder was perfect for us to search for these specific characteristics to ensure we found a great match for us. After looking for a few weeks on Petfinder and meeting some local dogs, I stumbled across Argo (then, Arlo) in a Durham, NC county shelter. He looks like a dobie but is smaller than is typical and is super sweet, which is very typical for that breed – just the right combination. My husband and I both fell in love instantly when we met him. The shelter told us he was Heartworm positive and they were having difficulty finding him a home. We decided to take the chance on treating his heartworms. Two months later he has completed his treatments and i  s happily adjusting to life at home with us. We all love him so much (well, the cats may say love is a strong word) and feel we made the perfect decision to adopt our Argo. Thank you so much