ava6Dear APS,
I cannot thank you enough for your kind hearts and help when I was looking to adopt a new pet!  I was so pleased with how sweet everyone was to the dogs and how well we were helped.
Back in September, I met the cute little fluffy german shepherd mix dog from Kennel # 23 and once we met, I knew she was the one for me!!  I named her Ava and she is now about 7-8 months old and full of energy.  Ava is the sweetest, most loving dog and such a quick learner.  Potty training was a breeze, crate training was simple and she knows how to come, sit, stay and lay down (with the help of her favorite treats, of course!!)
She has gone from about 23 lbs to 42 lbs now and she is still growing like a weed.  We really appreciated the notes and Christmas Card checking on her!!
Ava goes to doggie daycare at least once a week and is in love with the owner of Lucky Dogs, Connie.  She runs from me to get in the doors as soon as we pull up!
She was a pumpkin for Halloween and she had a cute Turkey Bandana (courtesy of doggie daycare) for Thanksgiving.  She had her first long trip when we went home for Thanksgiving and she played so hard with her cousins she passed out after dinner!
She also loves going to Umstead park for hikes and walks around our neighborhood.  I believe her favorite spot is her fenced-in back yard where she plays and sits as long as I let her.
I just wanted to let you all know that she has a safe, loving home and she is such a joy, so thank you for helping make her mine 🙂
I attached a few pictures to show you how she has grown and all the activities she has been up to!
Jackie and “Ava” Werner