calvin-twoHello to APS of Durham,
We adopted Calvin early September 2011 (he had arrived at APS along with his two sisters, fellow Australian Shepherd mixes). He was just a new pup, quiet and shy. He has been SUCH a great dog! He is so easy to train and very obedient (even though he can get a bit too curious sometimes)! Despite his puppy energy he is a really mellow and calm dog. We’re amazed at his behavior around kids. My sister visited this fall, he took it upon himself to guard and protect the smallest child, laying his head down on the baby’s feet while he slept! He adores people and just wants to be loved by them. Calvin also LOVES car rides and especially car rides that end in a long walk through the forest! He was amazing on a long drive back to the Midwest to visit family during the holidays. Despite being in a new environment he bonded to everyone quickly – including our parent’s dogs! And though he loves his food and dog biscuits, he drools for vegetables! He knows what the sound of a knife on a cutting board means – onions, celery, carrots, lettuce, and peppers falling on the ground for him to eat up – so he comes sprinting in when he hears that! He is a very strange but wonderful dog and we LOVE him! We’ve had such a good experience that we’re thinking that we should expand the family soon and adopt another dog so that Calvin can have a buddy to accompany him while roaming our big backyard!
So, that said, THANK YOU so MUCH!
Ashley Y.