CELIA (Adopted August 2012)

celiaCelia and I just celebrated our first month together. She continues to be a sweetheart and prefers to go everywhere I go. She loves when I watch a movie as she can hop up beside me in the easy chair and get lots of petting. She also gets lots of attention when we go on our walks – everyone from 6 – 60 says “oh hhh
what a cute dog” and Celia responds by wagging her stump of a tail at warp speed.

She has had her teeth cleaned with no problems and her grooming so she looks like a princess and she knows it. I feel so lucky to be owned by Celia.
Celia, the adorable blond cocker, was older than first thought, and being a senior citizen myself, I wondered if at 72, I needed a 56 year old( in human years) dog.
A vet check revealed a healthy though older dog but one that needed her teeth cleaned – well, I need 2 crowns, SO!
I adopted Celia on August 16, 2012.  She is without a doubt one of those old souls that knows to be thankful for rescue! Someone loved and trained her well at one time. She is crate, car, house and leash trained. She sits and stays on command and last night she slept by my bed on her bed and never moved until I woke her this morning!
She is content as long as she is within 10 feet of where I am. When cleaning the kitchen last night she followed me around until she decided just to sit and watch that crazy human go back and forth. She loves to put her head on my foot when I am reading a good novel. My grandsons met her and she was instantly devoted to both. They were over the moon when she chose to ride in the backseat with them!
My heart ruled over my head on this adoption and my heart was right. Forty six years ago my heart chose to rescue my first cocker – Cissy! She was my companion for 12 years. I think Cissy is Celia’s guardian angel and I am the lucky human to be graced with this unconditional love and thanks.
Thank you APS for saving her and me!!!!
Faye and Celia