Just wanted to give you an update on Chofi (named Edith at the shelter and in foster care).  She’s doing wonderfully!  After a weeks-long battle, the cat finally gave in and decided to become Chofi’s best friend.  Their interspecies Olympic team can be seen running laps around the backyard, terrorizing the squirrels, and engaging in cat-and-dog yoga.  The cat’s favorite spot is between Chofi’s front legs and Chofi’s favorite activity is to lick the cat’s head.  She’s a sweet and sensitive dog who also has a goofy side.  She sometimes bounced rather than runs, and is also one of the most flexible animals I have ever seen.  She will do astounding contortions with a goofy grin on her face. 
Thanks to your great work, Chofi and I found each other and we couldn’t be happier!
Katie McClure (and Chofi and Gigi the cat)