claraHello, APS!  I’ve attached a picture of another alumnus you can add to your
gallery.  This is Clara, formerly Janie, adopted in September 2008.  She
was pretty subdued when we first adopted her – we think she may have been a
little depressed from having lived at the shelter for 6 weeks – but it
wasn’t long before my wife and I found ourselves with a completely
different dog, full of life and energy and joy.  Now she enjoys going on
walks for 2-3 miles every day, sprinting laps around the house as fast as
she can, and riding in the convertible with the top down!  She’s bilingual
(we’re pretty sure her previous owners spoke Spanish), and she’s working on
earning her Canine Good Citizen certification through the AKC, with plans
to someday become a therapy dog and do volunteer work at the local hospital.

Thanks so much to all of the hard-working volunteers at the APS, not only
for giving Clara a second lease on life, but for changing my wife’s and
mine as well.

Leith and Heather