DALY (Formerly Dora, Adopted August 2013)

dora-rawhideHi APS of Durham!

A  little over 3 weeks ago, my wife and I adopted one of your dogs. Her name in the shelter was Dora, an adorable beagle/hound-mix. I thought you’d appreciate a little update on how she’s doing 🙂
First of all, my wife and I couldn’t be happier with having Daly (her new name) in our home. She has settled in well and quickly became very attached to us. We can tell she is happy to be part of “our pack”.
Playful is definitely the right word to describe her as she loves to play with toys, preferably if we join in on the fun. She doesn’t really sleep much during the day and we sometimes call her a “busy-body”. We go on two (usually long) walks a day and regularly take her with us to places when possible.
Few things are more irresistible to her than “sticks”. She loves picking them up in our yard. Furthermore, she frequently picks up items (including her food bowl, just as you at APS had told us) in our house and carries them around much to our delight. Especially a paper bag that she can rip apart is a Daly-favorite. Other things she enjoys are playing “tug-of-war” and biting squeaking stuffed animals.
One of Daly’s best features is the fact that she’s very social to people and dogs. Every time we encounter other dogs on our walks she is ADAMANT to go say hello and play. Of course the other dog is not always receptive and there isn’t always time to play either. Therefore, we have established a rule to try and go to a dog park once a week, so Daly can go nuts and play with the other dogs in a safe environment. So far we have been twice. 
Daly responds overall well to commands and after a couple of weeks she is starting to adapt very well to our “rules” and commands when we go on walks. Our outings to public places have also accustomed her more to having strangers around her and not necessarily wanting to go over every time!
Lastly, we have gotten countless comments of people already who say that Daly is “so cute!” and pretty. My wife reported that yesterday a lady even pulled over her car just to tell her “Your dog is so beautiful!”. Most of the time people tell us that Daly “has the cutest face” and we definitely concur. Daly receives more kisses from my wife than I do! 🙂
I will leave you with a couple of pictures here below.
Thank you for doing such noble work and we hope every dog at the APS finds a new home!
Warm Greetings,
Dries & McKenzie