APS Dog’s Day Out program allows you to take a dog out of the shelter for outings around Durham. These outings can include a hike, a car ride, or a visit to a pet friendly store/location.

Dog’s Day Out are super special and give our dogs a break from the stress of the shelter life. This can help reduce stress levels which promotes better behaviors to help them get adopted. We learn a lot about our dogs any time they get a chance away from the shelter.


What can I do on a Dog’s Day Out?

Go on a hike

Visit dog friendly shops/restaurants – Walk downtown, the Eno, American Tobacco Trail

Go back to your home and rest/meet new people

Get a Puppuccino from Starbucks


What can I NOT during a Dog’s Day Out?

Go to a dog park

Interact with other pets in the home

Give the dog away or keep it