Hi, everyone–
I just wanted to let you know that Eloise is settling into our household just fine.  She’s been great from the start–easy-going, affectionate, and  very interested in being friends with our existing cat, Niki.  It’s taken a couple of weeks, but it looks like Niki has accepted Eloise pretty well.  Last week Niki walked over and began licking Eloise’s face–the first time she’s approached Eloise in such a direct and friendly way–and they’ve begun playing a little together.  Niki still hisses sometimes, showing who’s alpha, but it’s becoming less and less, and Eloise just takes it all in stride.
We’re really enjoying our sweet new kitty–she’s a great fit in our family!  Thanks for all your help during our visits and for all the good work you do!

Best wishes,
Margie, Stan and Emi