evita-heEvi (Evita) was adopted on July 27, 2010 and is doing wonderful!  She is extremely active and keeps her new doggie pal Koa on his toes.  She has made lots of new dog friends and loves everyone and everything.  We got her a backpack in which she carries water bottles to help add a little extra challenge on her walks, she always get excited when we get it out.  She gets to go on hour+ walks in Duke Forest most days, and spends a lot of time playing outside and inside.  We even got her a treadmill to exercise on (training is going well) because she definitely seems to have an endless amount of energy!  Evi is starting obedience training soon with the eventual goal of getting her into agility or fly-ball because she is such a natural athlete.  She is an extremely loving dog and has an enthusiastic and fearless personality that you can not resist falling in love with!

Thank you!