We are Durham’s Community Shelter. Fig and pets like her count on your generosity.

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Each year at the Animal Protection Society of Durham, our dedicated staff and volunteers care for thousands of animals. We know when we care for these animals, the story is always bigger than adorable kittens or playful puppies. It’s about the families that are reunited and the families that are created.

Today, we’d like to share with you the story of Fig and how she and her foster family helped each other to heal.

On February 9th, Animal Services were called about an injured 2-year-old dog with gunshot wounds. They took her to our 24-hour emergency veterinary partner, who called us. We don’t know the circumstances around her injuries and were unable locate her owner. We immediately jumped into action to save her life.

When animals are injured, such as Fig was, and their owners cannot be found, Animal Protection Society of Durham takes responsibility for their care. APS of Durham is the only organization in our community that assumes guardianship of lost animals to ensure their medical needs are met. With support from donors – like you – we will continue to have the resources required to cover the expense, authorize life–saving treatment, and provide for pets on their road to recovery and a better life.

YOU make recovery possible, and we are calling upon you again to help ensure animals like Fig continue to receive the care they need for treatment and healing. You and your financial support reignite the chance for joy in their lives and for our community.

Fig needed extensive medical care, including the removal of her back leg. Our emergency medical veterinary partners at Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospital took great care to ensure that Fig’s immediate medical needs were met, and she received the life-saving surgery required. The next stage was up to us to ensure we could find her a safe, calm, and nurturing environment to heal both physically and emotionally.

Because of contributions from our donors, it was possible for us to approve her valuable treatment. We then began to plan for her recovery, of which the first step was to find and support a foster home to care for her as she healed.

Hagan was a volunteer dog walker prior to fostering dogs for APS of Durham. When she heard about Fig’s story, she was nervous. But she also felt compelled to share her space and assistance for this sweet dog to recover.

Hagan’s father was a victim of gun violence, and Hagan wondered if caring for Fig might reopen emotional wounds. But she took a leap of faith and brought Fig home. Within weeks, a deep bond was built. Hagan realized that maybe she and this sweet pup were helping each other heal.

When the foster period was over, and it was time for Hagan to write a letter about Fig for her adoption, she simply couldn’t do it. She couldn’t say goodbye.

Today, Hagan, Jesse and Fig are a family. Hagan says she can’t imagine life without Fig. We’re pretty sure Fig feels the same way about Hagan.

Only your support makes this vision a reality. Your support helps us reunite pets with their families and your support allows us to say, “yes, save this animal’s life,” because we know that somewhere, there is someone just waiting to be loved by them. Thank you for embracing our work and sharing with us the resources needed to achieve this important community mission. Thank you for your generous support. You are key to recovery for animals like Fig. You – with your gift – make a meaningful difference in the lives of animals, to help them heal and awaken the joy they so willingly share

THANK YOU for the financial support that helps us save animals like Fig and make our community a happier and healthier place for pets and their owners.

May the holiday season be a bit better this year for animals in need with you here to help and demonstrate your caring. Here’s a special thank you – for all you do – from Fig.

For the love of animals,

Shafonda Allen

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