Foster Takeovers: Suzi and Seemingly!

Foster takeovers are first hand stories from our APS volunteers introducing their foster pets and telling us their fostering journey.


Hi everyone! I’m Suzi, and these are my favorite boys Rumble and Seemingly. We are taking over APS Social Media today so that you can get to know Seemingly! Seemingly is the third cat I’ve fostered with APS and he has been with me since the beginning of June.”

“Seemingly is a very multi-faceted young man! When I brought him home after getting him from the shelter, I scooped him up in my arms and he was clinging to me so tightly it was like he was hugging me back! As soon as I put him down, he immediately wedged himself underneath my dresser and hid for hours! While I was sleeping, he took the opportunity to explore my house and I found him in my water heater closet the next morning, where I took this photo. Seemingly has definitely come out of his shell since then! Now he greets me at my bedroom door every morning!”

“Here you can see Rumble attempting to climb into my bed (he is too little to get up there on his own) while Seemingly tries to play with him through the door. One important part of fostering has been helping Rumble and Seemingly navigate their relationship with one another. These two are at very different stages in their lives, with Seemingly being a mischievous teenage boy, and Rumble being a seasoned elder. Rumble also has advanced cataracts and can no longer see, which can be tough when Seemingly really wants to play! The Behavior Manager at APS helped me by giving me advice about how to give them their own spaces in my house so that both Rumble and Seemingly can be happy and comfortable here!

The other advice that the Behavior Manager at APS gave me was to build in some dedicated playtime into Seemingly’s schedule. Every day we play with his favorite string toy for about 20 minutes. When we’re done playing, Seemingly gets to eat a can of wet food, which he LOVES. Since we’ve started having daily playtime, Seemingly has had many more calm and sweet moments. You can definitely see what an athlete this little man is!”

“Seemingly has had quite a day and needs to catch up on his beauty sleep! Please head on over to APS’ website and submit an application to adopt this little man if you think you’re ready to receive all the love he has to give!”