grace-smudge2Just wanted to send you an update on Grace and Smudge (formerly Twinkle Toes and Callie).  They are wonderful additions to our home.  Whether they are curled up on our laps or chasing eachother around the house, we love them!  Grace loves to be in or on top of anything she can find in the house – baskets, windowseats, the dryer, and I even found her playing in the toilet one morning!  She is also an excellent bug catcher.  Smudge is the little old lady of the house and quite content to lay in front of the sliding glass doors all day long soaking up the sun and teasing the next door neighbor’s dogs.  But if we are in the kitchen or at the table she is right there waiting for any scrap or crumb to come within reach.  They provide wonderful company and some great laughs 🙂  thanks for all you do for the animals!