GRAY SEA (Adopted 2005)

gray-seaGRAY SEA, adopted 2005
June 2012
We recently heard that APS alumna Gray Sea has been diagnosed with bone cancer. Although we are all greatly saddened, we wanted to share the wonderful updates and pictures Gray Sea’s mom, Jan, has sent us since her adoption.
We are so grateful to her for giving Gray Sea the happy home she deserved, for keeping in touch with us, and for graciously allowing us to share her memories on the website.

Since adopting Gray Sea from you in 2005, I have had the most wonderful 6.7 years with a dog a person can imagine. You have many photos of her on your success story page. Unfortunately our love affair is coming to an end: Gray Sea has been diagnosed with bone cancer. It is only in her ankle, so a smaller dog could handle an amputation but she is 27″ tall at the shoulders and 109 lbs so it would be horrible on her remaining rear leg. So we have made the difficult decision to let her go, and some time next week Gray Sea will join all the other pets we have loved and lost.

I want to thank you again for rescuing her from the side of the road and taking such good care of her until we were able to find our daughter. She has been the best companion for me, as I am disabled and she has literally pulled me up off the floor more than once after falls.

God be with you all. Thank you for what you do for the animals waiting for their mommies and daddies to find them. I don’t know when we will be getting another dog, I just want to give myself some time to grieve for her first.

Thanks again, Jan

Previous post, 2010

-It has been 5.5 years since I saw my Gray Sea gazing back at me from your website.  From the first time I looked into her eyes, I couldn’t hardly wait to go get my dog. 

I just want you to thank you again and again, I can’t say it enough, for taking such good care of her until I got there to bring her home. 

Here are photos from then and now.  She is a joy and if there has ever been a perfect example of your good work putting the right family with the right pet, this is it.  Just today someone told me Gray Sea is the prettiest dog they had ever seen!

In this case the “Lab Mix” turned out to be Lab and Great Dane!!!!  What a life she has had and it’s a credit to you and your staff.  She is absolutely the best dog I’ve ever had.