Thanks to people like you, cats and dogs throughout Durham will be given the chance to find homes and bring joy into the lives of their new adoptive families. Your continued support ensures that the Animal Protection Society can be the place where families grow. The bond formed between our animals and their adopters tells the story of you and your generosity. We rely on your kindness and commitment to our mission to ensure there are no unwanted or unhoused animals in our community.  

Gustav is one such beneficiary of your aid and comfort. He came to APS last year in great pain—missing one ear and covered in lacerations. He needed immediate help. Our care team carefully assessed Gustav’s condition. He had a hookworm infection, a damaged arm and several head wounds. He began treatment and the team carefully removed the remaining cartilage in his ear and stitched up his cuts.  

Gustav began his path to healing in our care. When he was available for adoption, we were eager to find him a new home where he would thrive. As the month went by, we discovered that Gustav was a timid, but playful dog who loved when volunteers threw him the ball.  

In December, Gustav was taken home by one of our dedicated volunteer foster families as part of the APS Home for the Holidays program. Gustav showed them how much he loved scratches and treats, and he quickly won their hearts. By mid-January, they decided that Gustav would stay with them forever. He was adopted and given a new name, Carl. He is a proud member of our APS Alumni, and we are so happy to have helped him find his family. 

You were a part of Gustav’s journey to find his home. He is just one of many stories that show how your dollars make a difference in Durham. Through your generous donations, we fund the medical and behavioral programs required to ensure the best outcomes for all our animals in need. We will continue to bring together new families and support our community because you are part of our team.  

Your generosity is an invaluable part of our operation. With your support, we give each animal the attention they need, and we keep Durham a vibrant place to live. The Animal Protection Society of Durham takes care of animals who are in desperate need of shelter, care and kindness, and we give them a chance to find families of their own. We do this through the vital support of our community that cares. 

We need you now, more than ever, to meet the needs of our growing community. Please invest in our mission to build lifelong bonds between people and animals through education, community outreach and providing care for animals in need. You are an essential part of our work. Your kindness and gracious support allow us to give these animals love and care along their journey. With you on our team we can give more animals like Gustav the homes they deserve.  

Please give what you can to help. We are grateful for your commitment to our community.  

For the animals,  

Shafonda Allen 

Executive Director 

Donate now to continue to give more animals like Gustav the homes they deserve.