Hank, the gem!

“We adopted Hank in September of 2014 when he was almost 2 years old. He was heartworm positive, but, to our great delight, we managed to get him through it over the next six months. As so many of us have discovered, our dogs give us so many moments of happiness every day. And Hank is really good at that. We have found that Hank is a magnet dog. Before Covid, when we travelled with him, people would gather around him wanting to meet him, be close to him and of course to pet him. I know of at least seven friends and family who have told me in no uncertain terms that if there is any time we cannot take care of Hank they would be very happy to take him as their own. So, as I’m sure many of our fellow adoptees say about their own dogs, Hank is so incredibly special and a joyful addition to our lives.”

Thank you to Hank’s mom for the update! We are so happy to see his handsome face again, and know how well he is doing with your family. Happy Tails for many more years, Hank!