HERSHEY (adopted October 2009)

hershey1My husband and I adopted Hershey (black collar) – formerly named “P1” in October 2009.  She was a little runt back then, and she has grown to be quite the protector in our home.  She checks on the other pets, inspects the doors and windows, ensuring that all is secure.  She loves catch and calls us out to the deck when she wants to play ball.  We adopted Bosco (blue collar) – formerly “Huck” in September 2011.  He was very unsure of himself at first, and he has become a very loving and very BIG boy.  He sings to us everyday, he loves to snuggle and he curls himself into a ball to nap.  In addition to our three other dogs and our three cats, they are a hysterical bunch.  They all get along and play well together.  We love them like kids!