HOBSON (adopted August 2013)

hobsonHobson, adopted August 2013

I just wanted to write and thank you for the most wonderful gift I’ve received in a very long time.  My husband and I adopted little Hobson back at the end of August, and he has turned out to be an absolute delight and the love of our lives!  He was housetrained within about three days of coming to his new home, and has such good manners that he’s the best company you can imagine! (We’re still working on not jumping up on people, but he just has so much happy energy and loves them so much!  J )  He’s picked up almost a dozen verbal/hand signal commands, and is so eager to learn and please.  He’s even tried his paws at using the treadmill for the coming cold winter days when it’s not as easy to go for long walks!  The last summer months were such fun, playing in his wading pool and sandbox, and climbing to the top of the hill in our back yard.  Since our children are grown and mostly out of the house, my mother’s heart cherishes having this sweet little soul to care for and cuddle.
You kind folks can never hear “thank  you” enough for all you do for these precious animals, but I thought I’d throw one more in there.  Hobson has filled our lives with joy and love, and we are so grateful to you for introducing us to him.
Our best and warmest regards to you all!
Lee and Ed