My beautiful pictureWe adopted Imogene from APS last fall. We considered renaming her, but the name “Imogene” seemed to fit, so she’s kept it. As our first cat, Imogene has been wonderful. The happiness she has brought us is far greater than either of us expected. She really is a true friend. When we visited the cats in the shelter, there were so many beautiful, sweet kitties to choose from, but Imogene’s personality captured our hearts immediately. She is quirky, affectionate, imaginative, gentle and playful. She’s come up with a new game for us to play each month since we’ve got her. She especially likes cardboard boxes. She breakdances in them, sleeps in them, pounces on them — you name it. She also likes to sing along with the birds outside. It’s very cute. We built Imogene a home-made cat tower from material from Durham’s Scrap Exchange (a good idea for those who like craft projects and don’t wanting to spend a fortune), which she climbs on top to sleep and observe birds. Imogene is a smart, cool lady, and we are so, so glad to have found her. We look forward to many years to come with her. Thanks to the good people at APS for caring for her before the adoption. 

Carolyn and Miles, Durham, NC