IZZIE (formerly Petunia)

izzieDear APS,

We wanted to send you an update about Izzie, our little Pomeranian-mix that we adopted in July: 

Izzie (formerly known as Petunia) has been with me and my husband for just over 4 months now, but it feels as if she has been a part of our little family forever. Izzie first warmed our hearts at APS when she leapt into my lap while my husband and I were visiting with her. I guess she knew that she belonged with us before we did! Since then, Izzie has spent plenty of time in both of our laps; she likes nothing more than to cuddle with us on the couch. 

Other than cuddling, Izzie is a big fan of walks, on which she can check out other dogs, people, and yards. And she LOVES going up steps!

When meeting people, Izzie is never shy (she never met a lap she didn’t like!) but with other dogs she is a little more cautious. Her best friends tend to be big, 80+ lb golden retrievers who let her be the boss. 

Izzie turned out to be a better behaved dog than we could have ever imagined for our first pet. She learns very quickly- she already knew “sit” and “down” before we got her, but Izzie learned “roll over” in just a few tries! She doesn’t seem to have any bad habits, either- we really lucked into the perfect dog! We truly got lucky when we adopted

Izzie- she is bright, loving, well-behaved, and already an essential part of our little family. Thanks for helping us find our baby girl! 

–I’ve attached a picture of Izzie in one of her more photographic moments. We didn’t realize how hard it is to get a good picture of an all black dog!!


Thanks again!!!!
Jen and Chris