JAMIE (formerly Lexi)

jamiejan2012Hey, this is Jamie (James Bond – since she was adopted the day of the bomb scare in Dec. 2011).  Formerly known as Lexi, she was surrendered for being naughty.  But for us, she is an angel.  She has settled in with big brother Midnight (12 yrs.).  We and the vet estimate she just turned one year this month so to keep the “bang” theme going we set her birthdate as July 4th.  She is happy, healthy, loves to cuddle, has tons of personality and adores her big brother.  He seems to like her, too.  See the pictures attached and know that we gained a TON of respect for you guys in this process.
In the pictures, Jamie is the smaller one with the pink collar but she is as long as her brother now, just slightly more petite.
THANKS for all you do!!