KAI (formerly Bryson)

kai2Dear Durham APS,
We wanted to send a happy ending story for our dog, Kai. We adopted Kai (formerly Bryson) in September 2009 when he was six months old. Kai is everything we hoped for when we adopted him.  He is very friendly and has never met a dog, cat or person he doesn’t get along with. He is also really smart and has learned a lot since we adopted him. One thing he figured out was how to play with a cat. During the past year we have had several foster cats from the Durham APS and Kai learned that the best way to become friends with the cats is to pick up one end of a string and drag it back and forth in front of the cat until they chase him. Kai is lucky enough to live right next to a dog park, so he gets to play with dogs regularly in addition to spending time at a relatives house twice a week playing with their dogs while we work. We attached a few pictures of a Kai, the last one after a muddy romp in the dog park. Thank you so much for taking care of Kai while he was at the shelter and allowing us to bring him into our family!
Haley and Trevor