KINO (formerly Andy)

kinoHi guys! Just wanted to give you a little update on the newest member of our family:
My boyfriend and I adopted Kino (formerly Andy) from the Durham APS in March 2012. What a sweet, silly, and spirited boy he is! His name is a short version of the Italian word “birichino”, which means “rascal”. It definitely suits him and his endless kitten energy! He loves to play with his toys, sprint around the house, climb the cat tower, watch the birds in the yard, and then snuggle up with us in bed when he’s all tuckered out. Kino is such a happy boy, always purring and mewing at you when he wants attention. At his first vet appointment, the doctor had a hard time hearing his heartbeat because he was purring so loudly! Our older cat also loves his new “baby brother” – they spend hours each day exploring and playing together. We have two kitty beds, but they usually sleep snuggled together in one of them. Overall, Kino is such a joy and we are so lucky to have found him! Thank you for all you do to help animals! :)Laura