laylaLayla was adopted as Layla from APS of Durham, September of 2007. With such a beautiful name there was no need to change it. We adopted her knowing she was heart worm positive. After some sedentary time post-treatment she was thrilled to be be able to run and play. Since she was a stray her age was never certain but we think she is about 5 or 6 years old.  Not the fastest learner in town, Layla has nonetheless learned sit, stay, go, right shake, left shake and can fetch the newspaper for us.

Still anxious around other dogs, she has never met a human of any age that she did not like. Even though her description at the shelter said no kids under age 11, I would leave this dog alone in a room with an infant without a concern. She has lived with two cats that she learned she was not supposed to harm and even grew to love. Her trademark ear and her sweetheart personality makes her a favorite with humans everywhere we take her. We are grateful for the three great years we have had with her and hope there will be many more to come.