leon7Good afternoon,
My husband and I adopted Leon from the APS of Durham a couple of months ago and we wanted to share a bit about how things are going. Well, I must say that he has been a true joy thus far. Leon is quite a character and he certainly has charmed us with his boyish playfulness. We have deemed “Pounce de Leon” his most appropriate nickname.
He loves to, more than anything, go on walks in our neighborhood and will do anything for a walk. Beyond walks Leon spends his time these days with my husband, Greg, in the backyard and has finally shown some understanding of the skill of fetching. Of course, he responds well to treats so that has helped. I made him home made candy cane shaped peanut butter biscuits for Christmas which was so much fun (especially for Leon who loves to be in the kitchen when I am cooking and became pleasantly surprised when the food in the oven was actually just for him!!)
Besides the peanut butter treats, he was spoiled beyond delight for Christmas with bones, treats, chewy toys and pupperoni snacks from my mom and dad so he did pretty well. And, since this was our first Christmas being married ourselves when we were out buying our Christmas stockings we thought, it only seems right to buy three and not two, so Leon had a filled stocking for Christmas as well.
We have attached a few of his latest pictures, including a camping adventure we took him on.
Thanks again for providing us with such a sweet and loving dog.

Tara + Greg