lilly4Update from Lilly Chantilly 9/8/13!!

Hi there Durham APS!
We adopted Lilly in Spring of 2010, and have been in love every day ever since!  Here is a new photo album of her – she is quite the character and has a personality that just doesn’t quit.  I have never seen such a wide variety of facial expressions from a pup.  Lilly is always full of antics and she makes us laugh all the time.  We hope you enjoy seeing how she has grown.  She is still a petite little cinder-block of muscle on long, long legs – and weighs in at 29 little pounds.
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Howdy from Kat and Rob in Hillsborough NC!
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We are the pack-parents of the adorable Miss Lilly Chantilly Rudini, who came to live with us Tuesday, March 30th.
Here is a message from Lilly so you can stay updated on her new adventures!
Dear Durham APS:
This is Lilly checking in to let you know I am loving my new forever home!  I have a full name now, like a proper southern GRRL!  My full name is Lilly Chantilly Rudini.
Mom and Dad have a really cool place in Orange County with a little bit of property and I have a lot of room to run and play!  They take me for rides in their cars and trucks and I fall asleep right away and am always really surprised when I wake up somewhere different – it is really a neat trick!
Last weekend, I went to the drag strip for my very first time to watch Mom and Dad race their race cars!  WOW!  I got to ride in the big truck and have the back seat all to myself!  It was awesome!  I have sent a pic of me enjoying the ride in the big truck, as you see I promptly fell asleep!  It was great!
I get to go to the puppy-park and run around to play with all kinds of new friends.  My Mom is really cool because she loads up a goodie bag with my fave outdoor toys so I have some really fun times sharing playtime with new friends at the pup-park!
Dad teaches me auto-shop after he gets home from his real job.  I got to sleep in the front seat of his car while he replaced a head-gasket.   When he is under the cars working, I get to sit next to his feet and keep him safe.
I love to play with the oversized exercize ball – it is bigger than me, but I can hold it down and push it around – it is my favorite toy by far!  I have attached a very short video clip of me chasing down that big ball!  My Uncle E came to visit and Dad got footage of me rolling over top of the ball, which happens a LOT!  (Um, I really mean to do it, yah, on purpose!)
Everyone who meets me says really nice things and they all give me pats and hugs!  I am becoming quite well known …  Mom and Dad tell me I am the ‘Original Adoradog’!  I love living here!  Thank you for taking care of me until I was able to find my forever home.