lunasleeping.jpgHi APS,
  I ran into one of your volunteers at PetSmart last weekend and I thought I would pass along a happy ending story for my dog Luna (formerly Winnie) that I adopted at the end of May ’09.  Luna is such a sweetheart and does great meeting new dogs and people.  She is currently living a stress-free life at my house (as you can see from the picture) and loves playing with her toys and going for long walks around the neighborhood.  She is halfway through puppy school and I am amazed each week at how easily she learns new tricks and commands.  She sits and waits for her food, is getting much better at the command leave it, and loves playing with the other puppies in class.  She has become my traveling buddy and is great on long car rides.  She loves playing fetch and sprinting around the house.  Thank you for everything you do, I am so glad that Luna has found her “forever home” here with me.
– Katie