maeby6Hello good people of Durham APS! Thank you so much for all that you do. In November 2009, I met “Sophie” there and knew instantly that she would soon be coming home with me. I’ve renamed her Maeby since no one seemed to agree on her breed. The website listed her as a mastiff mix, but weighing in at a slight 25 lbs at 7 months makes me think not. At first I thought “maybe” she’s a pit bull/boxer mix, but now I think “maybe” she’s a pit bull/plott hound mix…or “maybe” she’s a Durham Special…a combo of countless breeds. Either way, she’s definitely a wonderful companion, a perfect cuddlebug, the buzz of every dog park we go to (“What kind of dog is that?!”), and perhaps the most photographed dog in town. Thanks again for bringing her into my life. It is ridiculous how much I love her.

Very sincerely,
PS – and I love her little tattoo!