malachi2Malachi, adopted October 2010
The shelter called the morning after I decided to adopt Malachi.  I was not ready so I ran to the pet store and got doggie goods and picked him up at 5.  He was very anxious and unsure of himself but he is adjusting quickly and loving all the attention.  He loves Greenies and hot dogs.  Won’t eat regular food yet.  He is afraid of loud noises and sudden movements.  Makes you wonder what happened to this sweet boy.  He LOVES the woods–he’s going to get me in shape.  What else… we LOVE him.  Brings such joy and fun and…. lots of stinky dog breath  🙂
Just wanted to say how much we are enjoying Malachi and how well he is adjusting to our home. He is incredibly sweet and has an odd appetite for sweet potatoes and dry food! We got him October 6th (at 5:00) and my mom surprised me with getting him. He’s already learning to sit, stay, not pull on the leash and to lie down. After total resistance to getting in the car he now happily jumps in with us. He also was very afraid of narrow passageways but seems to have gotten over that too. We loooooove having him!
-Mollie and Laura
P.S. Hes holding Mr. Frog, the gift you gave us at the shelter. 🙂