MAYA (formerly Darlene)

maya-1Hello Durham APS,
   We met and adopted Maya (formerly known as Darlene) in September 2009.  We visited the Durham APS several times as we had fallen in love with two dogs. After much thought, we adopted Maya and Maya adopted us.  (Thankfully, we later found out that the other dog was also adopted through a different agency.)
   Maya had been surrendered by her owners and we were initially worried that we would discover a side of her that we hadn’t seen during our visit at her foster home.  Instead, through time, we confirmed what we had already discovered: Maya is a sweet, good-natured, loving, trusting, trainable, and cuddly dog, who is a perfect fit for us.  When she became part of our family, she already knew “sit”, “down”, “drop”, “paw”, was potty trained, and could distinguish between “Maya’s toys” and “non-toys”.  We can only think that her previous owners must’ve loved her very much and must have been in a very difficult situation if they let her go.  We hope they know that she is loved and cared for and that we are incredibly thankful that she is part of our family.  Durham APS, thank you for helping Maya find us- her forever home!
   Maya enjoys “scratchies”, company, playing in the snow, squeaky toys, long walks, going to the dog park, visiting her cousins and grandparents, posing for pictures, and her delicious treats…who can blame her?!  She is our four-legged child and we look forward to our life together! 
Thank you again!
Stephanie & Juan