Meet Arya

Meet Arya, a very shy and sensitive girl. To her, lots of things can be scary at first, but she has wagged her tail at every new person she has met. She enjoys sunbathing and cuddling next to her foster parents on the couch.

She loves peanut butter Kongs, pupcakes, and enjoys slowly and deliberately pulling apart stuffed toys.

Her foster parents brought her into their home in late March where she spent her first couple of weeks decompressing in their house. Arya was experiencing several health problems and we knew she could benefit from a loving, stable home. She had serious pain in her front right elbow that was causing a significant limp, dental problems, and was heartworm positive. She was taking two medications daily to manage the pain and antibiotics to prepare for heartworm treatment.

Arya went to TVRH on Tuesday, April 23, where they performed spay surgery, front right leg amputation, and extraction of a damaged incisor. They monitored her for two days, and she went home to her foster family. She quickly learned to hobble around on three legs, bearing the pain and figuring things out. Her loving foster parents carried her up and down the steps for potty breaks, but by Friday she was tackling steps on her own and moving around at a surprisingly speedy pace.

Heartworm treatment will follow once she has healed from surgery. 

Though it has not been an easy journey, she has steadily improved. She is still on medication and getting around a little more comfortably. Every improvement is a reason for us to celebrate for this tough little lady!

Arya’s journey of love, comfort and medical care was made possible because of our generous donors. She thanks you and APS thanks you.