my name is Lauren. I adopted Millie from you guys last week. I wanted to check in and let you know that she is settling in splendidly! She enjoys playing tug of war with her clothe bone, playing chase around the living room, cuddling, going for walks and sitting for treats. I think that people tend to find the dog that they need in their life and for me, Millie is definitly it. I really love how she is so trusting and loving, as well as playful and happy! I just moved from Maine to attend graduate school and was really lonely. Millie has more than filled that loneliness! She reminds me to take breaks from all the school work I have to play with her. I think she keeps me in the moment! I just thought you guys should know how happy I am to have her! I think she’s happy too! Thank you all for all the hard work you guys do there each and everyday! You guys really do make a difference! Millie thanks you all! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

ever grateful,