MINDY Happy Ending

mindy1Mindy has brought so much love into our household  —   she lets us know when she needs to go out by going to & scratching on the door,  plays rock ‘n roll dog ball and fun tug of war with her Kong doggie toys !!!!!!      She has become a very protective watch dog as she will start to growl and bark ( her hackles go up along her back) to let strangers know they’re too close.  When either my husband or I say that it’s OK, then she will stop.    Thank you so much for letting us visit & bring home our beautiful Mindy puppy !!!!!!    OOOps, I almost forgot  —- Mindy & my hubby go for nice long dog walks which has done a lot of good for my husband as he’s lost 5 pounds (Mindy is up to almost 30 pounds —  she turned 5 months old on 8/11!!!!)=