angus1Hi Everyone at APS,
My shelter name was Angus and my new forever name is Mojo.  I was adopted around Valentine’s Day 2010, and came to my new home around the end of the month of February.
After an awkward start; i was afraid to get in the car and afraid of the hardwood and linoleum floors at my new home. I’ve come a long way and one of my most favorite things to do now is ride in the car!!! And the floors are NOT a problem.  About a month after my adoption I was diagnosed with mange but my treatment is nearly complete and I’m looking good again and ready for the summer. Once a month my family schedules a spa treatment for me and the groomer comes to the house in a fancy van to get me all cleaned up.
My new family encourages getting an education so they have enrolled me in school and I recently graduated from my STAR Puppy class. I am continuing with classes so one day I may become a therapy dog. 
I go on several long walks everyday at the nature park near my new home. This past week I also learned how to swim in the lake!!    I don’t care much for those places they call “dog parks” so after a few visits to these places my new family kindly fenced the back yard and I have an awesome place to run and play and I don’t have to share it with strangers. 
I spent a long time at APS waiting for this family, thank you to everyone there for seeing my potential and giving me the time to find my new forever family, we are very happy together and have many years of happiness in our future.  I’ve included a few photos of me in my backyard
Happy Tails!
Mojo Lawrence